Turbocharge your sales and marketing team with actionable recommendations.

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iDatalabs solutions harness the power of machine learning to transform data into actionable business intelligence.


Who has the highest propensity to purchase my solution?


Why are they interested in my solution?


What types of messaging should I approach them with?

Choose the right product(s) to fuel your sales and marketing intelligence from our sales and marketing intelligence portfolio.


Predictive Modeling

Build target account lists based on insights from AI


Targeting Application

Target accounts based on 10,000+ attributes


Data Access

Access curated data for AI

What our customers say about iDatalabs.

Combining data that is a challenge to get with an intuitive interface to streamline analysis is what differentiates iDataLabs. I was done with the project in less than an hour using their app.
Leader, Marketing and Product Management, IQMS
iDatalabs has been helping us for the last two years to identify our best-fit customers and best-fit sales messaging for our new sales-channel approaches, based on their proprietary technology profiling data and data-modeling expertise. The opportunity values in our new sales-channel are 5.6X greater than other channels and we are seeing a 2X lift in sales win-rates at our targeted accounts.
Principal, Product Marketing, Microsoft