Modeling FAQ

How does it work?

iDatalabs solutions are powered by an underlying platform architecture that relies on machine learning, natural language processing, and big data. To learn more about the platform, check out our whitepaper.

What data do you need from us?

Ideally, we require data related to historical sales wins and losses to feed into our models. If you are launching a new product and don’t have any data related to existing wins, we are still able to mine iDatalabs’ data to uncover competitor wins that you are looking to displace.

The more data the better. We can accomodate any data that you’d like to feed into our models. Our data science customer success team is here to assist you in cleaning and curating your data.

Do you need to connect with my CRM (ingress & egress)?

iDatalabs can connect with your CRM. Alternatively, our applications also support data exported from your CRM. After results are exported from iDatalabs tools, they can be easily imported into all popular CRM and marketing automation systems.

Do I need to send you a list of customers we want to target or do you tell me which customers to target?

We support both use cases. You can upload a lists of accounts to prioritize. Alternatively, you can leverage iDatalabs’ firmographic targeting to draw from the 4M+ accounts included in our database.

Do you share my data with other customers?

Our customers’ privacy is of utmost importance. All customer data is securely isolated from each other. Data is never shared.
See the Enlyft Trust Commitment here

How are you different than XYZ?

iDatalabs is the only modeling vendor that provides granular information related to why each account has a particular buying propensity for your products and services. This insight enables you to tailor your messaging and sales and marketing strategies according to each target account, in turn maximizing deal velocity and output.

iDatalabs’ core differentiator is the fact that it is the only provider that owns the data that feeds its models. Because we combine the data and modeling application in one centralized platform, both entities work seamlessly together to provide more insight and higher accuracy than could be achieved using distinct entities provided by separate vendors.

Additionally, because our data is designed for easy consumption by AI algorithms and tools, our models generate significantly better results as compared to competitors. Think of our models as processing high-definition color photographs as compared to low-resolution black and white ones. The better the data, the higher quality the results.

How much time does it to take to setup and maintain?

The amount of time varies depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Our Modeling Application, for example, can be setup in less than 48 hours.

What results can I expect to see?

Results vary depending on what you are trying to accomplish. With common hyper-targeting scenarios, it is common for our customers to see results to the tune of: 4X increase in MQL conversions, 2X increase in won business, and 30% larger deal sizes.

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing varies depending on what you would like to accomplish. Pricing is competitive across all our products. As strong proponents of proof-of-concept projects, we are happy to engage in a pilot before you commit to a large investment.

I’m a model. How can I become a supermodel?

That is simple. Use the iDatalabs curated data and work with an iDatalabs data scientist.

Targeting Application and Data Access FAQ

How do you collect your data?

Our crawlers scan billions of web pages and documents available in the public web to identify associations that indicate a given company has deployed a specific technology. Our crawlers are running constantly and discovering new data. To ensure accuracy, we also constantly disqualify companies and technologies that don’t meet our quality bar. To learn more about our back-end process, check out our whitepaper.

How accurate is your data?

At iDatalabs we strive to be the highest accuracy data provider in the industry. iDatalabs analyzes signals related to how extensively a company is using a specific technology in order to determine whether the company has deployed the technology wall-to-wall or whether it is simply testing it. At iDatalabs we err on the side of accuracy and only indicate that a company is using a technology when there is a high level of confidence.

What’s included within your data?

The data arrives via a csv file (or API for subscribers) within 24 hours of your purchase. Click here to see a sample set.

Can I filter my data set?

You can filter the data based on location (country/state if in the US), revenue size, and employee size.

Do you have coverage outside of the US?

Our system has global coverage, with nearly half of our data representing companies outside of North America.

How quickly can I receive my data?

One business day delivery for most requests, often same-day delivery.

Does iDatalabs provide contacts?

iDatalabs does not provide contacts. We focus on providing the most accurate data possible about the accounts that use specific technologies and vendors. Our sales team can provide you the names of several contact providers, but we do not have business relationships with any of them.

What happens if I find an error in the data?

We have the highest quality data in the industry but no one is perfect. Let us know of any errors that you find and we will happily credit you for any errors that exist.

How much does iDatalabs cost?

The cost generally varies based on the number of records. Please contact our sales team to receive a quote.


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