Apache Hadoop vs Spark: Worldwide Market Share Compared

Apache Hadoop, built by Yahoo for engineers and data scientists, has not aged well.  Once praised for its wealth of potential, it’s suffered at the hands of swifter products, often from its own ecosystem.  “[Apache] Spark killed Hadoop,” H20.ai founder Sri Ambati told Datanami last week.  It seems despite success of do-everything competitors like Google and Microsoft, the Big Data space calls for specifics.

The data sings a different tune.  Though Hadoop’s brand seems synonymous with confusion, adoption has not slowed for this decade-old offering.  And Spark has by no means taken over.  Has the newer product lived up to the hype?  We consulted our records to see:

Hadoop vs Spark worldwide market share

Our starting point, July 2016, shows a level playing field for the complementary products.  With no meaningful spikes after the new year, customers don’t seem to have jumped on Spark, or abandoned its elder completely.

Market Penetration by Industry

It’s no surprise that a product created for experts would stay in its lane.  Spark, however, boasts a meaningful distribution across industries, thanks perhaps to a proliferation of Big Data principles in all kinds of markets.  So while Spark may have a wider spread, Hadoop still dominates its intended user base.

Hadoop vs Spark adoption by industry

Major Geographic Markets

Worldwide, we see competitor Informatica taking center stage, with a more meaningful presence in Europe and the Americas, and an overall market share of 32%.  Hadoop (and consequently, Spark) remain limited to past successful markets.

Hadoop vs Spark distribution by top 5 countries

Adoption Trends by Customer Company Size

Nor has there been a proliferation of Spark among enterprise customers.  Noting that most companies in the world are smaller-scale (1-50 employees), Spark doesn’t appear to be the only choice for companies of any size.  It’s emerged as a helpful offering to those already using Hadoop, not as a selling point for the product at-large.  That said, it’s not limited to one kind of customer, as Hadoop may have been a decade prior.

Hadoop vs Spark adoption by company size

Who is Using Hadoop with Spark?

Our records show legacy tech companies.  Mainstays like EBay, Verizon, HP and Amazon mingle with UnitedHealth, Ciena, Epsilon, Pronix and Booz Allen.

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