Frequently Asked Questions

How do you collect your data?

Our crawlers look at billions of web pages and documents available in the public web to identify associations indicating a certain company is using a specific technology. Our crawlers are running constantly, discovering new data points as well as removing companies and technologies that don’t meet our specific bar to ensure accuracy. For more on our backend process, check out this page.

So, how accurate is your data?

Companies are constantly changing and while we strive towards maximum accuracy, there is a possibility that we might have missed something. If anything seems suspect, let our sales team know. In the event that our list falls below our standards for accuracy, please let us know and we’ll make every effort to make it right.

What’s included within your data?

The data arrives via csv (or API for subscribers) within 24 hours of your purchase. Click Here to see a sample set.

Can I filter my data set?

You can filter the data based on location (country/state if in the US), revenue size, and employee size.

Do you have coverage outside of the US?

Our system has global coverage with nearly half of our data from outside of North America.

How soon can I get my data?

One business day delivery on most requests, often same-day delivery.

How much does iDatalabs cost?

The cost generally varies based on the number of records.  Please contact our sales team to get a quote.

Couldn’t find what you were looking for?  We’d be happy to answer any questions via email.