The iDatalabs Platform - Under the hood

The solutions we build are powered by an underlying Platform architected by talented engineers using advanced Data Science. Here's a peek into how our platform works!

Big Data Data Science Cloud Technologies

Crawl different corners of the web

We scan billions of online and offline documents that contain footprints of technology usage. These documents are collected from sources such as blog posts, social streams, hiring information, financial reports, etc.

The resulting store consisting of both structured and unstructured documents is constantly updated 24 / 7 - non-stop!

Distributed Crawling Batch Processing NoSQL

Extract Relevant Data

We process our raw document store to extract, parse and curate meaningful information. This involves disambiguation and normalization of the parsed data by using appropriate techniques.

The processing of large volumes of data is achieved by leveraging Map Reduce based platforms and algorithms.

NLP Named Entity Recognition Map Reduce

Organize and Index into structured data

The extracted data is classified into categories and relevant attributes are computed using proprietary machine learning based scoring algorithms. The classification leverages our custom ontology that keeps getting updated as the taxonomy of Products keeps evolving.

The classified entities are organized into a database and indexes are generated for use in our solutions.

Machine Learning Data Modeling and Classification Indexing

Apply data to create insights

The curated and indexed data supports solutions built by us or our partners - providing valuable data and insights to B2B Marketing and Sales professionals. The solutions span across the Sales funnel - from generating targeted customer lists, looking at trends and competitive analysis, building predictive models, to sales intelligence.

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REST API Account Based Marketing Predictive Analytics Market Research Sales Insights

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