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What is Order Management?

Orders can be received from businesses, consumers, or a mix of both, depending on the products. Offers and pricing may be done via catalogs, websites, or broadcast network advertisements. An integrated order management system may cover product information, inventory available to promise (ATP), order entry and customer service for returns and refunds, payment processing, order processing incl. selection, printing, picking, packing, shipping.

Market Share of Order Management products

At iDatalabs, we use sophisticated, patent-pending algorithms to track the use of various Order Management products and technologies. We track 15 products in the Order Management category, and have found 4,925 companies using these products.

Order Management
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Companies using Order Management
Order Management

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Product Install base
(# of companies we found using this product)
Market Share (%)
SAP Sales 2,319 47%
PeopleSoft Order Management 869 17%
Oracle Order Management 829 16%
IBM Sterling Order Management 239 < 5%
Brightpearl 126 < 5%
UFN 118 < 5%
Oracle Quoting 73 < 5%
Shipwire 64 < 5%
Sofon 61 < 5%
Stitch Labs 53 < 5%
Siebel Customer Order Management 49 < 5%
OrderMotion 37 < 5%
Solid Commerce 34 < 5%
TradeGecko 29 < 5%
Temando 25 < 5%