Companies using New Generation Software

We have found 97 companies that use New Generation Software. Our data for New Generation Software usage goes back as far as 1 years and 10 months.

58% of New Generation Software customers are in United States and 8% are in India. Of all the companies that are using New Generation Software, 25% are small (<50 employees), 26% are medium-sized and 34% are large (>1000 employees). Looking at New Generation Software customers by industry, we find that Computer Software (25%) and Information Technology and Services (9%) are the largest segments.

Who uses New Generation Software?

Here are the top companies that use New Generation Software :
Logo Company Website Signal Strength Scan Date
Logo of KORE, INC., New Generation Software client KORE, INC. 2017-08-08
Logo of Coromandel Infotech India Ltd., New Generation Software client Coromandel Infotech India Ltd. 2017-08-08
Logo of Cenx, Inc., New Generation Software client Cenx, Inc. 2017-08-08
Logo of New Generation Software, Inc., New Generation Software client New Generation Software, Inc. 2017-08-08
Logo of Solera Holdings, New Generation Software client Solera Holdings 2017-08-08

New Generation Software Market Share and Competitors in Business Intelligence

We use the best scanning techniques combined with advanced data science to monitor the market share of over 5,000 technology products, including Business Intelligence. In the Business Intelligence category, New Generation Software has a market share of about 0.1%. Other major and competing products in this category include:

Market Share:

97 Companies

What is New Generation Software?

New Generation Software, Inc. (NGS) – a respected developer of IBM midrange software since 1982 – delivers high performance IBM i (iSeries, System i, AS/400)* business software solutions to companies of all sizes and representing virtually all industries. Tens of thousands of people worldwide rely on NGS’ solutions every day. NGS-IQ is their flagship query, reporting, and business intelligence suite including OLAP and Web reporting, with optional dashboard, remote data, and security modules.