Companies using SAP R/2

We have found 588 companies that use SAP R/2. Our data for SAP R/2 usage goes back as far as 1 years and 10 months.

34% of SAP R/2 customers are in United States, 11% are in Germany and 6% are in United Kingdom. Of all the companies that are using SAP R/2, a majority (52%) are large (>1000 employees), 18% are small (<50 employees) and 24% are medium-sized. Looking at SAP R/2 customers by industry, we find that Chemicals (8%), Computer Software (7%) and Oil & Energy (6%) are the largest segments.

Did you know that SAP R/2 customers are also likely to use SAP R/3 and SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO)?

Who uses SAP R/2?

Here are the top companies that use SAP R/2 :
Logo Company Website Signal Strength Scan Date
Logo of Dow Chemical, SAP R/2 client Dow Chemical 2017-06-16
Logo of Dow AgroSciences, SAP R/2 client Dow AgroSciences 2017-06-16
Logo of Philip Morris International, SAP R/2 client Philip Morris International 2017-06-16
Logo of Queensland Rail Limited, SAP R/2 client Queensland Rail Limited 2017-06-16
Logo of ConAgra Foods, SAP R/2 client ConAgra Foods 2017-06-16

SAP R/2 Market Share and Competitors in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We use the best scanning techniques combined with advanced data science to monitor the market share of over 5,000 technology products, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). In the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) category, SAP R/2 has a market share of about 0.4%. Other major and competing products in this category include:

What is SAP R/2?

SAP R/2 is a real-time enterprise resource planning (ERP) software produced by the German company SAP AG.